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Events for BGF 2016 begin on Tuesday, Sept. 6 and end on Sunday, Sept. 11. Please use the arrows below to change days on the event calendar.

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  1. Mike Pranno says:

    My kids and I signed up for a couple events last week. We didn’t print out any of the information, because we were expecting ro receive the email confirmation. Because we never received that confirmation and there now way to get that information here, we have no idea what we signed up for. What should we do?

    – Mike

    • Hello Mike,

      Sorry for the issue with emails. There have been some cases where the email providers are not accepting our auto generated email confirmations. Also please ensure to check your spam filter.
      I was able to reply to your email from the board of your events that are registered.

  2. Chris says:

    Do you know your dates for 2017?

  3. Mathieu Martin says:

    Hello! If at all possible, I would like to run a couple of events (if it isn’t still to late to put in for them).

    Lost Valley: The Yukon Goldrush 1896 and Trickerion.

    If you can help me through the procedure for listing, I would be most grateful!

  4. Kevin Culli says:

    I’m a complete newbie to this event, but I’ve just registered for 2016. How do we sign up for specific events? Is it done online? Am I too early or too late to sign up for events online? Any help would be appreciated.

  5. J-H Mansfield says:

    Hi BGF,

    Is there any way to see the registrations for events? I need to know how many people, if any, have signed up for the event I am running.


  6. J-H Mansfield says:

    Also, is there a way to sign up for events? It doesn’t seem to be linked to the BGF site.

  7. Eric Guttag says:

    If there’s interest for the War Room for September 8, I could bring Fire in the Lake (have 2 copies, plus tournaments rules for Short Scenario). Falling Sky (have 1 copy), Mr. Madison’s War (have 1 copy), and/or Churchill (have 1 copy).

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