Special Guests

Buckeye Game Fest welcomes Ghost Roadhouse

Ghost Roadhouse

Ghost Roadhouse

Ghost Roadhouse is Al Zolynsky and Nick Keith, friends forever and perennial roommates who hail from the state of Michigan (but we won’t hold that against them). Their first game, Latitude 90: The Origin is a real-time, social deduction party game where there is no sleeping, no dying, and no need for a moderator.

Al Zolynsky: The Original creator of Ghost Roadhouse, Al has a desire for new and fresh games, where the “game” doesn’t get in between you, your friends, and a great time. Programmer by day, board-game super hero by night, Al’s dream game is the one that has no rules and all the fun.

Nick Keith: Being a Program Manager pays the bills, but Nick’s true calling is making and breaking games. He strongly believes that games need to be more than just what comes in the box… community, friendship, memories. Oh, and he always keeps his word in Risk.

Buckeye Game Fest welcomes Elder Entertainment!

Hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, Mayghin and Eli Levine have returned to Buckeye Game Fest for more Lovecraft-inspired role-playing events. Between home-grown LARP systems and numerous games under the Dread system (think Jenga where characters’ lives are at stake), they’ve been scaring attendees at BGF, Origins, GenCon, and other regional cons for years. Their motto perfectly describes the atmosphere they create for their players: “There’s nothing we can do to you worse than what you’re about to do to each other.”

Buckeye Game Fest welcomes Richard Launius!

Richard Launius

Richard Launius, founder of King Richard, LLC

Richard Launius spent the majority of his professional career working in various executive positions within the AT&T Advertising & Publishing line of business, retiring as an Executive Director after 32 years of service. After retirement he now dedicates his full attention to designing games through his company King Richard LLC. Richard was active in various forms of design even during his career with AT&T. Leaning strongly on his Fine Arts degree, in 1981 Richard designed the uniform the Chicago White Sox wore from 1982 – 1986. Over the years Richard has written published scenarios for the role-playing game Call of Cthulhu, and worked on several computer game designs in the late 1980’s and early 1990s. These computer designs included Scavengers of the Mutant World and Star Legions, the 3rd game of the Star Fleet series.

In 1986, Richard’s original Arkham Horror board game design won the Origins HG Wells Best Science Fiction Board Game Award. In 2005 Richard teamed up with Kevin Wilson to redesign the Fantasy Flight Games publication of Arkham Horror, and worked with Kevin and Fantasy Flight Games on several expansions. Since then Richard has gone on to publish the epic fantasy cooperative game Defenders of the Realm with Eagle Games, as well as the Dragon and 3 Heroes expansions. Richard and Kevin Wilson teamed up again to design Elder Sign, another cooperative adventure game set in the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft published by FFG. Also among Richard’s more recent publications are; Season of the Witch, and expansion adventure for Mansions of Madness by FFG, and Dragon Rampage, a competitive fantasy game by Eagle Games. Other games in process of publication include Ace Detective, a story-telling game of Detective Noir in the 1940s from 8th Summit Games, Defenders of the Realm: Battlefields, a strategic competitive fantasy battle game from Eagle Games, Pirates VS Dinosaurs, a swashbuckling adventure game from Jolly Rogers Games, and Run, Fight, or Die! a zombie dice game from Lock N Load to name a few.

Richard and Carolyn, his wife of 35 years, live in the Summerville, South Carolina. They have three children and 3 grandchildren they enjoy spending time with.

Buckeye Game Fest welcomes Jeff and Carla Horger!

Jeff and Carla

Jeff and Carla Horger

Jeff & Carla are from Columbus, Ohio and are proud members of CABS. Both of them have had a hand in the running of the CABS Design Group and in that capacity have helped numerous designers refine their games through that association. They have been designing games together for the last eight years and have had numerous successes. These games include Thunder Alley, Fast & Furious Full Throttle, Can’t Stop: Rolling down the High Way, and 20th Century Limited. Coming soon Orient Express and Grand Prix. These titles will supplement the first game they were involved in, 2008’s Manoeuvre from GMT Games.

Jeff and Carla have started their own publishing company Nothing Now Games with two friends and CABS members Sean Gardner and Jim Harmon, both are also part of the CABS design group. If you would like to see there first kickstarter Loaded Up and Truckin please stop by the Horger design’s and NNG table they will be happy to talk with you and give you a run through of any of the games.