Consignment Info

Bring your games and some cash.  Sell the games you don’t want and buy the games you do want!

Download the Store Item Sheet.

Download the Store Registration Form.

Consignment Store Fee:

$1 to receive seller number

10% of sale price per item, if sold.

Buckeye Game Fest will once again host a consignment store.

The 2016 BGF Consignment Store will be held in the Pavilion, Saturday morning from 10:00AM to 12:15PM. The cost of the Consignment Store is $1 to receive a seller number, payable in advance, and 10% of the selling price for each item sold. Each item placed in the store will have three prices. The first price will be in effect from 10:00 AM to 10:45AM , the second price will be in effect from 10:45AM to 11:30AM, and the final price from 11:30AM to Noon. The Store will accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card.

To register for the Buckeye Game Fest Store, please download the appropriate forms on the left. You will need to fill out a Store Item Sheet attached to each item and a Store Registration From listing all the items in your lot. All forms must be filled out in advance and then dropped off with the items Friday September 9th between 9:00PM and 11:00PM in the Pavilion. Please pick up any items not sold by 12:30PM on Saturday in the Pavilion.