Designer Alley

Designer Alley is a new addition to Buckeye Game Fest in 2019. If you are a game designer and would like playtesters, to promote your Kickstarter campaign, or just to get exposure for your games, then Designer Alley is for you.

Check out the 2019 Designer Alley Guests:

Steam Kitty Games is a tabletop game design company in Columbus, OH. We aim to make games which are fun and a little bit sassy. “Oh, R’lyeh?”, the Cute Cthulhu Cultist Collecting Game is coming soon to Kickstarter.

Air Loom Games is a new start up game publisher. Two games nearing completion at this time. New York Pizza Delivery and To The Rescue – Puppies.

Two Silver Denarii, LLC – creators of ROIL the card game. Also about to launch an expansion for ROIL on kickstarter later this year. Also come check out their new game!

Open Door Games was started by designer Joshua Frye and his son, Liam, in Cleveland, OH. Our goal is to create new worlds and share them with friends. Our first game, Quest for Gaia, is relaunching on 9/23/2019 with new artwork. Stop by our table, play our demo and come grab a free promo card!

Killjoy: The Anti-Party Game
Jerry is known around the office to have a knack for celebrating the mundane. Play excuses and throw your friends under the bus if you want to escape Jerry’s Business Casual Costume Contest. Avoid the most parties at the end of the game, and you will become the ultimate killjoy.