Special Guests

Richard Borg

Joining us as our Guest of Honor, Richard Borg has been designing games for over 30 years.

His career began with an idea for a game that was a variation of a game he played with his softball buddies using the numbers in dollar bills called “liars poker”. Richard self-published this first game called Doubters Dice in 1987, it was discovered by a representative of Milton Bradley (now Hasbro, Inc) during a game convention in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. The game was licensed as Liars Dice and made it to market in 1988.

Following his first game there were a number of designs for TSR Hobbies and a series of Marvel games for Pressman Toy. In 1993 FX Schmidt brought Liars Dice to Germany as Bluff and won the German Prize Spiel des Jahres.

Richard was a partner in the Star Wars customizable card game design team published by Decipher in 1995 and was also involved with a number of other CCGs during their peak. Richard also enjoys family cards games and has successfully licensed a number of card games through his career.

Battle Cry, published by Avalon Hill/Hasbro in 2000, was the seed to many other successive award winning titles using Richard’s Commands & Colors war game mechanics including; Memoir ’44, Command & Colors Ancients and NapoleonicsBattleLore, Samurai Battles, and the latest Tricorne American Revolution.

Richard’s professional game credits cover a broad spectrum, which includes over 60 published titles and expansions. Because his body of work does encompass so many age groups and genres, you just may have one or more of Richard’s designs in your personal game collection.

Elder Entertainment

Hailing from Louisville, Ky., Mayghin and Eli Levine will return to BGF for more Lovecraft-inspired roleplaying events. Between home-grown LARP systems and numerous games under the Dread system (think Jenga where characters’ lives are at stake), they’ve been scaring attendees at BGF, Origins, GenCon, and other regional cons for years. Their motto perfectly describes the atmosphere they create for their players: “there’s nothing we can do to you worse than what you’re about to do to each other.”

Nothing Now Games

Nothing Now Games took shape originally in September 2013 at BGF. Carla and Jeff were excited to dine with Richard Launius and Steve Avery at the show. They mostly excited Richard especially their design for Thunder Alley. During that meal, Richard and Steve inspired Carla and Jeff to take the next step and move from designer to publisher. It was that day that they decided not to be a small designer or vanity house, but instead become a major player in game publishing. Bu one year after making the decision to enter the industry in a full-time capacity, NNG had become a reality.