Event Registration is open!

Attendees can now register for the events they wish to play in for free*. Registering for the event(s) you wish to play in helps us know what events are desired and also helps our GMs know who to expect to show up to their game.

Anyone can play in an event, even without a ticket, as long as there is an open space. Ticket holders get priority for the event seating.

* There are special charity events that do have a ticket cost of $5. All proceeds from these events will be donated to the Nationwide Extra Life Campaign. These events are being hosted by our Guest of Honor Man Vs. Meeple. You will get to play some hot new games and enjoy their company while helping raise funds for a great cause.

Head over to see the event schedule now and make sure to get your tickets. Anyone can view the event schedule, but only badge holders are eligible to register/purchase event tickets.

2022 COVID-19 Policy Update

In accordance with the Columbus City Council ordinance passed March 7, masks will no longer be required at BGF 2022. We encourage all attendees to continue safe practices with regards to COVID-19, including masking, social distancing, and handwashing while in attendance. We will continue to monitor state and local guidelines and provide further updates as appropriate. 

BGF 2022 Hotel Block Update

Couldn’t get a room last night in our hotel block? Don’t worry, the block is still open through Saturday! There was a small glitch that prevented some people from using the block. If you’ve already booked outside the block, your room will still count for BGF. Send us an email or private message and we can notify hotel reservations to make sure you get our room rate. If you didn’t book because you thought the hotel was full, it’s not! Book away!

One of the best ways to support BGF is by booking a room. We have a target as a group to hit, and we’re still a little far from that target. If you’ve been on the fence about booking a room, please consider doing so before Saturday! It would really help. Thank you!


2022 Guest of Honor: Man Vs. Meeple

Man vs Meeple was created to treat the hobby with the respect it deserves, and shine a positive light on it for anyone and everyone who wants to join the community. As they’ve grown, so has their perspective on what’s most important–having fun at the table.

Jeremy Howard

Elisha Waybright

David Waybright

MvM creates a variety of content and provides the industry another platform to showcase games we’re all playing, and some that we’re not playing yet.

This group of creative gamers will be running some events to help raise funds* for the Nationwide Children’s Extra Life Campaign. Make sure to check back when events go live to register for your ticket!

*All proceeds from these events will be donated to the ExtraLife Campaign.

Buckeye Game Fest2021 Canceled


Columbus, Ohio (March 22, 2021) – Buckeye Game Festivals, the nonprofit corporation responsible for managing the annual Buckeye Game Fest boardgaming convention, today announced the cancellation of its 2021 show. The Board of Directors of the corporation voted unanimously to cancel the convention, originally scheduled for September 16-19, 2021,  due to COVID-19 pushing many other conventions into the fall.

With COVID-19 vaccinations increasing and regulations being eased, many organizations have moved their conventions into the fall to ensure their attendees’ safer experience. With both Gencon and Origins Game Fair running in the second half of September, it was clear that Buckeye Game Fest would be in direct competition. Therefore, the Board decided to focus its efforts on the production of the 2022  convention.

The corporation also announced that Buckeye Game Fest 2022 will be held April 7-10, 2022, at the Hyatt Regency Columbus in downtown Columbus, Ohio. The War Room, a dedicated wargaming space available to attendees for an additional fee, is scheduled to open on April 4, 2022. Registration will open in January 2022. “We’re excited for this opportunity to bring our convention back with a blast in the spring, kicking off the 2022 gaming convention season,” said Bryan Stanbridge, president of the Board.

Buckeye Game Festivals is an Ohio nonprofit corporation responsible for the organization and operation of boardgaming convention events in central Ohio. Founded in 2017, the corporation hosts an annual boardgaming convention, Buckeye Game Fest, featuring the library of the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society (CABS) with over 500 unique attendees. The corporation also manages the Board Room at Origins Game Fair, a national convention with over 20,000 unique attendees.


For more information, please contact board member Kristin Genchi at

Buckeye Game Fest

Buckeye Game Fest is central Ohio’s premiere board gaming convention. Featuring the Columbus Area Boardgaming Society‘s extensive game library, this convention has been a local favorite for over two decades.

BGF typically hosts over 100 events, including: Artemis ship bridge simulator, Elder Entertainment role-playing events, brand new play tests, and more! 2017 featured an on-site escape room on Saturday sponsored by Trapped Columbus!

Don’t miss out on the fun with friends old and new.