So you want to volunteer at Buckeye Game Fest (or the Board Room at Origins)?

We are happy to have your help running some of the premiere events in Central Ohio. Our volunteers are what help make these events some of the most well-attended, and enjoyed, events of their kind.

To volunteer, please complete the online form located here. When your application is received, our volunteer team will be contacting you with more information.

Our volunteers for the Board Room at Origins Game Fair are required to work two, four-hour shifts (for a total of eight hours). The shifts may be consecutive at the volunteer coordinator’s discretion.

For Origins we have a certain number of volunteers designated as Team Leaders. These volunteers have prior experience with us and serve as the first point of contact when other volunteers or attendees have questions. They are the gatekeepers to the directors and other offices of Buckeye Game Festivals.

Our volunteers at Buckeye Game Fest are required to work two*, three-hour shifts. The shifts may be consecutive.

*CABS members only have to work one 3-hr shift in exchange for a volunteer badge.

For BGF 2019  – we are also offering Free Friday or Saturday DAY  Badge in exchange for a 3 hr shift on that day.  If interested in this , please say so in the comment.

We are accepting volunteer applications for BGF 2019.

If applying to volunteer for Board Room - Please enter E-mail address that you use for Origins Game Fair, if you have attended before.
Are you volunteering for the Board Room, Buckeye Game Fest, or both?
Add any other comments here. If you have scheduling requests, feel free to leave them, but none can be guaranteed at this time.

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