So you want to volunteer at Buckeye Game Fest (or the Board Room at Origins)?

We are happy to have your help running some of the premiere events in Central Ohio. Our volunteers are what help make these events some of the most well-attended, and enjoyed, events of their kind.

Currently we run two events that require volunteers:
Buckeye Game Fest
The Board Room at Origins Game Fair

Volunteering for The Board Room at Origins Game Fair:

Our volunteers help run the Board Room by assisting with running the library and beginning this year monitoring the door for entering the board room. In exchange for volunteering you will earn a Game Masters Full Show Badge & Board Room ribbon to the show.

With the increase to our volunteer staff , the changes coming to this years board room, we had to increase our volunteer hours.

Volunteers will be required to work 9 hrs which will be broken up into three 3 hr shifts.  
Once we have processed your application, you will be given instructions on how to schedule your shifts. Our team will register you for your Origins badges upon schedule confirmation and when GAMA opens this up to us.

For Origins we have a certain number of volunteers designated as Shift Leads. These volunteers have prior experience with us and serve as the first point of contact when other volunteers or attendees have questions. They are the gatekeepers to the directors and other offices of Buckeye Game Festivals.

Volunteering for Buckeye Game Fest:

Our show could not be what it is with our amazing volunteers. We have a host of volunteer opportunities for BGF including: Library, Registration, Consignment Store, Show Leads, and Raffle aids.

As we work on our 2021 year, we will be looking at some new volunteer compensation options and hours required for volunteering. Check back soon for more details.