We are currently accepting application for vendors for the 2019 Buckeye Game Fest. If you or your company are interested in vending, please contact us.

Thank you to all our vendors that attended Buckeye Game Fest 2018.  Thank you for your continued support and helping our convention be great!

Enterprise Games A leading provider of out of print, used and new gaming products. While they have a full range of games, they specialize in war games. A limited number of games will be brought so if you are attending and want something in particular, contact them quickly and they may be able to bring it for you.

Epic Loot Games Bringing you games, comics, dice, and more.  Visit their Facebook pages for more information on their Centerville & Springfield stores.

Gaming Nomads Specializing in bringing gaming to cons small and large. The Nomads also run the popular Artemis Space Bridge Simulator.  Swing by their booth to see what games and items they have brought for sale.

Laboratory H Bringing you games designed by & part of creative process, Carla & Jeff Horger, These include Thunder Alley, Fast & Furious: Full Throttle, Grand Prix, Manoeuvre: Distant Lands and Panic! Be on the look out through out the con for their game demos and Dark Domains prototype.