GM Registration

So you want to be a Game Master?

Look no farther than here. Please be as precise as you can when registering to run an event. The more information you give up front, the better we can schedule the events to maximize the enjoyment of everyone.

If you want to register multiple versions of the same event, just complete the form once. Enter how many you’d like to run inside of the same box for preferred event times. If you want to register multiple, different events, you’ll need to complete the form separately for each.

As a thank you to running events at BGF, all GMs are eligible to receive a free BGF admission.

Requirements for a free Badge:  Must run at least two different events with a total of at least 32 player hours.
Player hours = Number of players x Number of hours of event.
Ex:  Terrafomring Mars Event:  5 players x 3 hours = 15 player hours

GM Registration is closed for 2018. Check back for 2019 information next year.