GM Registration

So you want to be a GM?

Look no farther than here. Please be as precise as you can when registering to run an event. The more information you give up front, the better we can schedule the events to maximize the enjoyment of everyone.

If you want to register multiple versions of the same event, just complete the form once. Enter how many you’d like to run inside of the same box for preferred event times. If you want to register multiple, different events, you’ll need to complete the form separately for each.

As a thank you to running events at BGF, all GMs are eligible to receive a free BGF admission. The requirements from 2017 were to run at least two, different events with a total of at least 32 player hours.

Enter your name, so we know what to call you.
Enter your email so we know how to contact you.
Enter a brief, but catchy, name for your event.
Enter an event description to appear on the Web site. Please note: description may be edited for length when creating the on-site program.
Please list all available times to run this event in preference order. We will make every attempt to accommodate requests, but space requirements will limit certain times. If you want to run multiple versions of this same event, please indicate that here as well.
How long will this event be, in hours? (Please stick with whole or half hours only.)
How many players can play in this event? If you plan on playing, do not include yourself in this number.
Please enter the minimum age required to participate in this event. Whole numbers only, please.
How much experience will players of this event need to participate successfully?