Special Guests

We are currently booking special guests and our guest of honor for 2018. As soon as we have information on those guests, we will post it here.

Thank you to our 2017 special guests!

Elder Entertainment

Hailing from Louisville, Ky., Mayghin and Eli Levine will return to BGF for more Lovecraft-inspired roleplaying events. Between home-grown LARP systems and numerous games under the Dread system (think Jenga where characters’ lives are at stake), they’ve been scaring attendees at BGF, Origins, GenCon, and other regional cons for years. Their motto perfectly describes the atmosphere they create for their players: “there’s nothing we can do to you worse than what you’re about to do to each other.”

Nothing Now Games

Nothing Now Games took shape originally in September 2013 at BGF. Carla and Jeff were excited to dine with Richard Launius and Steve Avery at the show. They mostly excited Richard especially their design for Thunder Alley. During that meal, Richard and Steve inspired Carla and Jeff to take the next step and move from designer to publisher. It was that day that they decided not to be a small designer or vanity house, but instead become a major player in game publishing. Bu one year after making the decision to enter the industry in a full-time capacity, NNG had become a reality.